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The Story of Hottie+Lord

Hottie+Lord delivers fearless, powerful style of a rare, coveted quality to women who exude modern royalty. Modern royals create their own paths, whether by building a business, honing a personal brand or climbing the corporate ranks despite all odds. Inspired by our customer’s ferocity and love of on-point style, we deliver frequent, fresh, and relevant style at our customer’s spending sweet spot, never receding into fast-fashion or overlapping with “too expensive”. Our production standards rival--and sometimes even exceed--those of the world’s top designer brands thanks to our self-owned manufacturing facilities. Our focus on quality and deep understanding of our customer’s needs are the two driving forces behind each decision we make, from our social media and eCommerce design to our next-level customer service. Our mission is to make sure our Modern Royal is always the best-dressed in the room, whether she’s running the board meeting or toasting to her latest success with friends.
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The Story of Tutu

about  us
Adetutu Longe was born in Washington, D.C., to Nigerian parents. Her earliest memories of fashion and beauty came from her mother, who brought fabulous clothes from the U.S. to Nigeria. Even as a young girl, Adetutu could see the difference in the quality and construction of her mother’s outfits. She knew her tastes were more elevated than most. She spent her early years in Nigeria, returning to the U.S. at age thirteen. In Nigerian boarding school, her home economics class triggered a profound adoration of fashion and making clothing by hand. During vacations she would spend time dying fabrics at home and her mother will pass the custom textiles to a local tailor to be sewn. Adetutu’s family lived a quiet and modest life, forcing beauty and fashion to the back seat in most cases. However, her secret love of these interests grew, and she continued to foster them as she studied archived images of her mother and other fabulously dressed women. In a trunk box, her mother kept all of the beautiful clothes she’d swapped out for more modest options, and whenever she was at work, Adetutu would open the box to study and admire the inspiring fashion and jewelry inside. Upon her return to the U.S. as a teenager, Adetutu at last found the freedom to live her dream of infiltrating the worlds of fashion and beauty. She quickly became the go-to stylist and beauty consultant for friends and family. She enthusiastically collected fashion magazines and studied their pages. She moved to New York where she attended Fashion School and then began working in both the beauty and fashion industries to learn the tricks of the trade. Friends would tease her because, when she got her first New York apartment, there was almost no furniture, but enough fashion magazines stacked up to serve as a bed and a couch for a few months! 
In the beauty world, she became known for her hair styling skills, and worked on the set of fashion shows and editorial shoots. After years of working hard and developing her own unique sense of style, she was ready to launch Hottie+Lord… but there was one big problem. It was extremely difficult to facilitate production at the level of quality she demanded of her own wardrobe. Refusing to compromise, she researched how to launch the highest quality brand possible--one that could rival the world’s most famous designer brands when examined closely, from fit to fiber content and beyond. Finally, she found her solution: to own her own production facility, exclusively for Hottie+Lord, so that no attention to quality is sacrificed, from beginning to end. After even more hard work and a few tests of faith, the sample room for Hottie+Lord opened, and in 2015, the factory was in full effect. Adetutu’s dream of delivering top quality clothing at affordable prices has come to fruition. And that, of course, is only the beginning of this modern day faerie tale...